Author: FEMDate:  23/01/2018

Students start 2WORK

Recruitment for the second edition of the 2WORK – a comprehensive program shaping competences and qualifications, increasing graduates' chances on the labor market – is currently in progress at the Faculty of Engineering Management.

What is the purpose of the project?
Increasing the competitiveness of WIZ PB graduates in the labor market by enhancing their competences to the extent expected by employers.

Who can participate?
The project is dedicated to students of three fields of study: Logistics, Management and Production Engineering and Management.

What are the forms of support?
Certified trainings, workshops developing professional competences, classes carried out by employers, practical tasks performed in project teams under the direction of practitioners, industry language workshops and study visits with entrepreneurs in Poland and in the region – these are all forms of support offered in the project.  

How to sign up?
Step 1. Go to and complete the recruitment form.
Step 2. You will receive project documents to the e-mail address provided during registration.
Step 3. Fill in the received documents, sign them and deliver to the Project Office located in the building of the Rector's Office.
Step 4. Check your position on the ranking list. 

Recruitment for the project takes place via the website and will last until 8/02/2018.

How much does it cost? 
All workshops and study trips in which you will take part are financed from EU funds. Participation in the project is free for you.            

Who will provide information?
The coordinator of the project at the Faculty of Engineering Management is Romuald Ziółkowski, PhD Eng. Questions may be directed to or by phone +48 (85) 7467473. You are also invited to contact us in person – room 108 (Dean's office, first floor).      



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